Golf Club Repair

Golf Club Repair:
Vegas Golf Incorporated has been repairing golf clubs for 28 years, from back in the day of woods that you had to sand, stain and dip in polyurethane to today’s ultra light weight graphite shafts. We can do most repairs while you wait or within 24 hours of dropping them off. Below is just a small sample of the repairs we can do for you.

Regripping your golf clubs is the quickest and cheapest way for you to play better golf. We can usually regrip a full set of golf clubs in about an hour. We carry an extensive line of the latest new grips for you to choose from.

Reshafting golf clubs can take up to 24 hours to complete. We have a wide variety of golf shafts for you to choose from that fit any price range. If we do not have the golf shaft you are looking for we can special order it for you. Or if you have your own golf shaft you wanted to try in a specific golf club we can install it for you.

If your golf pro or club fitter has told you that your clubs are too long or too short we can take care of that for you. We can extend your existing golf shafts steel or graphite without a problem and sometimes even reuse your same grips to save on costs.

Loft/Lie adjustmet:
If you are pulling or pushing your golf shots sometimes it is the golf club. That is why we offer golf club loft and lie adjustments. The lie of a golf club is very important and if it is not set correctly you can miss your target to the left or right by several yards. We can put you on a lie board to see if your golf clubs are set to the correct angle of attack with your golf swing. If not we can bend your golf clubs to fit your swing and get you back on track.

Above are just a few of the full service repairs we offer to our customers to help you play your best. If you need something specific just call us on our local number 702-873-8077 or our toll free number if you are out of town 888-873-0208, we can research your needs with you and order anything you would need.